Leveling Glides

Stabilize & Mobilize Heavy Objects with our Leveling Glides

Make furniture, equipment, and loads easier to handle with our high-performance, durable leveling glides by Sugatsune America. From restaurant tables to warehouse storage racks, our gliders improve safety, streamline workloads, and protect property by making it easy to:

  • Level out working surfaces and stabilize loads on uneven flooring.
  • Mobilize heavy objects without lifting using high-performance gliders.
  • Protect furniture and equipment from the wear and tear of being moved.

Our glides minimize the logistical challenges and safety risks associated with heavy equipment while providing the high degree of precision and convenient ease of use that you expect from Sugatsune.

For increased mobility, check out our casters section. For more shelf hardware, see our brackets and shelf supports.


FacetWp Door Max. Thickness (mm)
Max. Door Thickness (mm)
Bar Diameter (mm)
Load Capacity (kg)
Glass Thickness (mm)
Load Capacity (kgf)
Center to Center Length (mm)
Load Capacity (lbs)
Magnetic Force (lbs)
Holding Force (lbs)
Retaining Force (lbs)
Push In Force (lbs)
Door Max Height (inch)
Door Min. Height (inch)
Door Max. Weight (lbs)
Door Min. Height (inch)
Door Max. Weight (lbs)
Door Max. Width (inch)
Door Min. Width (inch)
Door Min. Thickness (inch)
Door Max Torque (lb-in)
Door Min Torque (lb-in)
Load Capacity (lbs/pair)
Load Range (lbs/pr)
Handle Depth (inches)
Damper Torque (lbs-in)
Torque Variation (lbs-in)
Positive Catch
Positive Lock
Positive Stop
Soft Close
For Drywall
Undermount Hook
Multi-Prong Hook
Million Lock
Master Keying Availability

Many Design Options to Meet Your Needs

We manufacture a variety of different types of leveling glides to meet the needs of almost any residential, commercial, or institutional application. They come in a variety of different sizes and load strengths. All of our glides are engineered for high-precision stability and long service life.

Additionally, we make glides that are suited for a variety of more specific needs:

  • Self-adjusting glides provide small amounts (up to a few millimeters) of automatic self-correction whenever the object is moved, thanks to a high-performance gel inside.

Ideal for: Frequently moved furniture like restaurant tables.

  • Quake isolation glides absorb movement shock transmitted to the object thanks to a Teflon design that makes use of the object’s own inertia.

Ideal for: Server racks, medical equipment, and situations where floor anchors can’t be used.

  • Super heavy-duty glides can support up to nearly 1,000 times the weight of our lightest-duty glides, maxing out at 9,900 pounds of load, and feature an anti-galling coating that preserves ease of adjustability over time.

Ideal for: Large shelves and storage racks, very heavy furniture.

  • Parts-separable glides make use of a swiveling action on the bolt to level out objects.

Ideal for: Easy, convenient recyclability of the different components.

  • Rubber-padded glides provide increased traction and grip at the expense of glidability.

Ideal for: Objects that are intended to be moved only very rarely, or for use on delicate floors.

Many of our leveling glides feature steel or stainless steel construction for increased durability and strength, and corrosion resistance due to water exposure.

Precision-Engineered Solutions Since 1930

At Sugatsune America we are dedicated to the rewarding art of designing superior hardware. While the function of most hardware components is very simple in premise, we put a great deal of thought and complexity into the engineering process of bringing each product into its fullest potential for a given application.

For decades we have proudly served architects, project managers, contractors, facilities maintenance managers, and others with long-lasting, high-quality, precision-engineered hardware that adds value to their work and delivers memorably good performance to the end user. Today we have over 6,000 products in our catalogs, adding more each year in response to your feedback. We are an AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified company, providing hardware not only for applications on the ground but in the air as well, and at sea.

For assistance finding the right leveling glides for your project, or if you have any other needs, see our digital resources or contact our support team and we will be happy to assist you!