Position and Movement Control Hinges

Position and Movement Control Hinges | Friction Hinges And More

Movement control friction hinges designed to provide a unique, safe and convenient experience when operating machinery or equipment throughout many industries. Our line-up includes several options including lift-assist features designed to minimize the force required to operate. And check out those with an adjustable torque feature as well as, LAPCON™ dampening technologies to create a stress free work environment. Explore the vast range of specialty component hardware and see how Sugatsune can help connect tomorrow’s projects.


FacetWp Door Max. Thickness (mm)
Max. Door Thickness (mm)
Bar Diameter (mm)
Load Capacity (kg)
Glass Thickness (mm)
Load Capacity (kgf)
Center to Center Length (mm)
Load Capacity (lbs)
Magnetic Force (lbs)
Holding Force (lbs)
Retaining Force (lbs)
Push In Force (lbs)
Door Max Height (inch)
Door Min. Height (inch)
Door Max. Weight (lbs)
Door Min. Height (inch)
Door Max. Weight (lbs)
Door Max. Width (inch)
Door Min. Width (inch)
Door Min. Thickness (inch)
Door Max Torque (lb-in)
Door Min Torque (lb-in)
Load Capacity (lbs/pair)
Load Range (lbs/pr)
Handle Depth (inches)
Damper Torque (lbs-in)
Torque Variation (lbs-in)
Positive Catch
Positive Lock
Positive Stop
Soft Close
For Drywall
Undermount Hook
Multi-Prong Hook
Million Lock
Master Keying Availability

Friction Hinges

From traditional torque hinges to swivel type and specialty dual axis torque hinges, Sugatsune offers the widest range of component hardware and has been working with industrial engineers to help specify the best solution for their projects. Because many industrial designs have unique requirements, we have developed the capability to work with engineers and potentially develop custom solutions that include varying torque specifications and in some cases, a new design. If you can’t find what you are looking for, contact our technical experts to see if a customized solution would work for you.

Precision-Engineered Solutions

Since 1930, Sugatsune has been a trusted source worldwide for precision-engineered original hardware solutions. From residential and commercial architectural and furniture hardware to industrial components for industries including food, medical equipment, transportation and aerospace, you can find the right, unique solution to help build and show off your creations. Sugatsune America is ISO AS9120B certified and develops, designs, and produces thousands of unique parts with unparalleled quality with a mission to create convenience and satisfaction.

Contact Our Team

Sugatsune has decades of experience in precision design and hardware solutions. To learn more, please consult our resources and product literature to learn more about each design or contact one of our experts to find the right solution to your creative challenges in action.