FD80 Soft-Open / Soft-Close Pocket Door System

Making Pocket Door Installation & Maintenance Access Easy

At last, we are happy to offer a soft-open/soft-close pocket door system that delivers superior performance, great durability, and effortless pocket door installation and maintenance: the FD80 Pocket Door System.

A Fully Accessible Design: No More Breaking the Pocket Wall for Access!

The FD80 Pocket Door System is a two-track system: one track segment for the doorway opening, and one track segment for the doorway pocket, positioned in series to form a single, long track.

What this means is that all the components are accessible from the opening. Anytime you need to make an adjustment, you simply take off the track segment from the opening section, then take your door out. All the components can then be serviced.

  • To remove the door, simply remove the track from the opening section, which will give you complete access to the internal track. It’s that easy!

With this convenient design, the pocket door installation and maintenance problem has finally been cracked! You will no longer have to break your pocket wall, which can be a nightmare.

Elegant Soft-Open & Soft-Close Pocket Door Design Feature

The FD80 Pocket Door System has a built-in soft-open and soft-close feature. Thanks to this it is actually very easy to engage and open, unlike many pocket door systems. For a truly smooth-performing, easy to use soft-open / soft-close pocket door system that the operator won’t have to think about or fiddle with, you want the FD80.

Easy, Secure Pocket Door Installation that Doesn’t Require Future Adjustments

For the FD80 Pocket Door System, installation is both a breeze and superior to standard pocket door installation methods.

Unlike traditional pocket door systems, where the triggers for the stops are fastened to the track with a set screw, these triggers are actually fastened through the track and into your header, which means that they will not move on you, and will not require any future adjustments.

Two Mounting Options Available

The FD80 Pocket Door System comes with two options on how to attach the rollers to the top of your door. There’s the surface mount option, which is the traditional way of doing a pocket door installation, where the roller bracket is surface-mounted to the top of your door. And then we also have the recess mount application, where the roller brackets are actually recessed or bored onto the top of your door, for a more clean, aesthetic look.


The FD80 Pocket Door System has a load capacity of 176 pounds per door. The minimum door thickness required is 1-3/16”.

Discover the FD80 for Yourself, at Sugatsune

For any questions about the FD080 soft-open / soft-close pocket door system, or FD80 pocket door installation and maintenance, please contact your local sales representative and distributor. You can also contact us.