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Soft Down Lid Stays-Flap Stays


Holds door in fully opened position for upward-opening door lid or flap(upper kitchen and bathroom cabinets). Depending on the mounting position, the full opening door angle can be set at 80 °, 90 °, and 100 °

  • Door can be held at two different positions.
  • The closing speed of door can be adjusted with screwdriver.
  • Use with piano, butt or European concealed hinges.
  • Speed adjustment screw allows easy adjustment.
  • Applicable torque range:
    Per piece: 20 ~ 70 kg-cm (19 ~ 60 lbs-inch)
    Per pair: 40 ~ 140 kg-cm (38 ~ 120 lbs-inch)
    (torque rating = lid height x lid weight x 1/2)

Please feel free to send us an email ( if you have any questions about NSDX-35.

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