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Soft-Down Support Stays


For upward-opening lids (upper kitchen/bathroom cabinets, etc.).
For top-hinged door with concealed hinges; used in pairs.
Holds door open or shut in opened and closed positions
Arm mounting plate sold separately:
  -HDSN-AZ (20mm wide): For aluminum frame doors (pictured)
  -HDSN-SZ (45mm wide): For wood or aluminum frame doors

Applicable torque range (per pair, Max opening 90 deg.):
K-type: 140 ~ 179 kg-cm (122 ~ 155 lbs-inch)
M-type: 180 ~ 219 kg-cm (156 ~ 190 lbs-inch)
H-type: 220 ~ 259 kg-cm (191 ~ 225 lbs-inch)
S-type: 260 ~ 300 kg-cm (226 ~ 260 lbs-inch)
(torque rating = lid height x lid weight x 1/2)

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