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Soft Down Lid Stays-Flap Stays


Good Design Award winning lift up door hinge stay comes with integrated hinge and lid stay function. The lid stay does not get in the way when installing shelves because the stay is attached flush to the bottom face of the cabinet top panel.

  • Lift-assist mechanism for extra light-opening
  • Damper equipped for soft & silent closing at the end
  • Door stays anywhere in the range of about 30 ° to 70 °
  • Door closes softly between 0 ° to about 20 °.
  • Butt hinges or piano hinges are not required.
  • Snap-on door installation: Just align the ends of the top panel and the side panel.
  • Door height adjustable
  • Door size:
    Door weight:5~12.5kg(11~27.5lbs)
    Door height:500~750mm(19-43/64"'~29-17/32")
    Door width: Max. 1200mm(47-15/64")

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