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Soft Down Lid Stays-Flap Stays


  • Soft-down stay for DOWNWARD-OPENING FLAP DOOR with piano, butt, or drop hinge (SDH-001)
  • Easy to install by aligning the body to the edge of a cabinet.
  • Designed for smaller cabinet doors in media centers or TV consoles.
  • Opening speed adjustable. The adjustment screw located on back for clean appearance.
  • Holds lid in closed position.
  • Non-handed.
  • Black Version Available.
  • Torque Calculation:
  • Torque = Door height × 1/2 × Door Weight
  • L-Type (Light Duty): 10.2~20.4 kg·cm (8.8~17.7 lbs·in/each)
  • M-Type (Medium Duty): 20.4~30.6 kg·cm (17.7~26.6 lbs·in/each)
  • H-Type (Heavy Duty): 30.6~40.8 kg·cm (26.6~35.4 lbs·in/each)

  • Please feel free to send us an email ( if you have any questions about CSD-10-TV-WT.

    Certain CAD files are not available for download, please contact and we can email it to you.

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