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Gold pull handle series adopting a modern style associated with the Momoyama period as a motif.

  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: 24K Gold Plating(Body), Black Nickel (Ring)
Similar style to DTM-B gold door handles.

What is Momoyama period?

The Momoyama period is a brief period at the end of the warring states era when Nobunaga Oda and then Hideyoshi Toyotomi began process of unifying Japan. During this a short period, the patronage of merchants, temples, and military lords lead to a distinct and important era for the development of the arts and architecture. According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art: “the art of this period was characterized by a robust, opulent, and dynamic style, with gold lavishly applied to architecture, furnishings, paintings, and garments.”

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