Discover the Lapcon® Interior Door Closer

The Lapcon® Door Damper (LDD) is a sophisticated interior door closer that ensures swinging doors close softly when pushed—making sure that doors actually close without requiring the user’s continued attention. They are great in fast-paced environments as well as luxury environments.

Designed for interior swinging doors, the LDD mechanism takes hold of the door at 15° from the closed position and softly closes the door from there, closing without slamming even if the door is pushed too forcefully (within reason).

This page is for Model No. LDD-S-R/LGR (right-hand opening, light gray color). See below for other models in this series, or visit our Door Accessories page if you’re looking for other solutions.

LDD Interior Door Closer Features

Performance Is Prioritized

  • You can install the LDD on new doors in upcoming projects or on existing doors in a renovation. The installation process has been streamlined for ease.
  • The damper is adjustable after installation so that it can be fine-tuned to the weight of the door it is attached to.
  • The damper function is optionally disableable if faster door-closing performance is desired.
  • Lapcon® dampers are precision-engineered, built from sturdy steel components, and cycle-tested—all with the aim of durability that provides value for many years to come.

Excellent Door Compatibility

  • The LDD interior door closer has a slim profile of only ¾” vertically, which means that it will fit in most door frames and work on most interior doors.
  • It is designed to safely handle door widths up to 36” (914 mm).
  • It is designed to safely handle doors weights ranging from 33 to 88 lbs. (15 – 40 kg).
  • The unit is handed for left- and right-opening doors, so be sure to order the appropriate models as needed.
  • Use on interior doors only, and avoid exposing the unit to water, high humidity, wind, and extreme high or low temperatures.

About This Model (LDD-S-R/LGR)

This interior door closer model is LDD-S-R/LGR, which is the surface mount type, with right-hand opening (opens toward you to your right), and a light gray color. We produce eight surface mount LDD models in this series in all:

Lapcon Door Damper Models

Surface Mount Type

Color Left-Hand Opening

Opens toward you to your left.

Right-Hand Opening

Opens toward you to your right.



We Also Make Recessed Lapcon Door Dampers

Alongside this surface-mounted line, we also manufacture the LDD in a recessed type for tighter-fit applications and different aesthetics. We further extend that series with a corresponding heavy-duty recessed type designed for doors that weigh 88 to 220 lbs (40 – 100 kg) (LDD-V100 Series).

To see these interior door closer units and others, see our other door damper models and accessories.


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We stock over 6,000 products in the US in addition to the LDD interior door closer, and each year we add new products to meet our customers’ expanding and exacting needs. We are AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified, further demonstrating our commitment to quality while also signifying that many of our products are approved for aviation and other transportation use.

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Dimensions 212 × 35 × 50 mm
RoHS Status

RoHS 3

Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
212 mm 35 mm 50 mm


Component Material Finish
Main Body Steel, Zinc Alloy Plain
Counterplate Steel, Zinc Alloy Plain
Covers ABS Light Gray

Certain CAD files are not available for download from our website. Please email us at support@sugatsune.com with the product name and desired file format and we can email it to you.