Meet Lapcon: A Self-Closing Slow Door Closer

The Lapcon Door Damper (LDD) is a self-closing slow door closer that allows swinging doors to close by themselves when pushed. This is ideal for improving convenience, safety, and workflow in many environments.

Designed for swinging doors, the LDD interior door damper engages at 15° from the closed position and from there will softly close the door by itself.

With this soft close door latch, simply push the door, and it will close smoothly and properly every time, as long as the door reaches 15°.

This page is for Model No. LDD-S-L/LGR (left-hand opening, light gray color). See other LDD slow door closer models below. To explore other Sugatsune door-closing hardware, take a look at our Door Accessories page.

LDD Soft Close Door Latch Features

Built for Superior Performance & Functionality

  • The LDD interior door damper can be installed on either existing or new doors.
  • Steel construction and precision engineering ensure long life and excellent performance.
  • You can adjust the damper strength after installation to accommodate different door weights.
  • The slow door closer damper function can be disabled if desired.
  • The design reduces stress on the door hinges, increasing their service life.

For Use on Most Interior Doors

  • The LDD soft close door latch fits in most door frames due to a small profile of only ¾”.
  • It will accommodate doors up to 914 mm (3′ 0″) in width.
  • You can use it on doors 15-40 kg (33-88 lbs.) in weight.
  • Use the LDD on interior doors only. Avoid exposing the mechanism to wind and weather, temperature extremes, and very moist environments.

About This Model (LDD-S-L/LGR)

This slow door closer model is LDD-S-L/LGR, which is the surface mount type, with left-hand opening (opens toward you to your left), in a light gray color. Eight surface mount LDD interior door damper models are available in all in the LDD Series:

Lapcon Door Damper Models

Surface Mount Type

Color Left-Hand Opening

Opens toward you to your left.

Right-Hand Opening

Opens toward you to your right.



Recessed LDD Type Also Available

We also make the LDD soft close door latch in a recessed type for doors that weigh 15-40 kg (LDD-V Series), as well as a heavy-duty recessed type for doors ranging from 40-100 kg (LDD-V100 Series). If you’re not sure you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can browse our other door dampers to discover more slow door closer models and other accessories.


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Dimensions 212 × 35 × 50 mm
RoHS Status

RoHS 3

Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
212 mm 35 mm 50 mm


Component Material Finish
Main Body Steel, Zinc Alloy Plain
Counterplate Steel, Zinc Alloy Plain
Covers ABS Light Gray

Certain CAD files are not available for download from our website. Please email us at support@sugatsune.com with the product name and desired file format and we can email it to you.