J160-D22-25T-BNSpecialty Overlay Hinge W/Soft-Close (25mm Overlay) (Black)

Our specialty soft-close overlay hinge (J160-D22-25T-BN), from our collection of European-style concealed cup hinges, offers 21-25 mm of overlay (with a bore distance of 8 mm).

It is a wide angle hinge with 160 degrees of opening range and features a built-in damper for premium soft-close performance.

  • This wide door hinge is recommended for door thicknesses of 18-36 mm.

This version comes in a stylish black nickel finish (See J160-D22-NI for regular nickel finish.) Together with its low profile, this makes for a clean, unobtrusive hinge that suits most decor types.

See Product Sheet PDF.

J160-D22-25T-BN Wide Angle Hinge Features

Like all of our hardware, this soft-close overlay hinge is designed for durability and premium performance, appealing to the developer and end user alike. Some of the product details include:

  • Adjustable: 3-way adjustability of the exact door position:
    1. Depth: +1.5 mm / −2.5 mm
    2. Vertical: ±3 mm
    3. Overlay (Horizontal): +0 mm / −4 mm
  • Soft-Closing: Built-in damper ensures a soft close even with rough or wide openings.
  • Durable: Wide door hinge is rated for 50,000+ open/close cycles.
  • All Parts Included: Component comes with mounting plate, screw covers, and a red holding pin for hinge installation. (Do not open or close the hinge while the holding pin is in place.)
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