Create an aesthetic, flexible vertical space that is versatile, clean, and highly adjustable with the VT-DF Wall Mounted Level Adjustable Shelving System by Sugatsune America.

Suitable for upscale homes, offices, and retail and hospitality spaces, this shelving system is designed for ease of installation and flexibility of layout. You can install adjustable glass shelving, adjustable wood shelving, or your choice of shelving materials.

This component, VT-DF-A1820, is the slotted panel bracket for use on all intermediate shelf levels (i.e., excluding the top and bottom rows of shelves). Other components of the VT-DF system include:

  • VT-DF-E1820: End brackets for the top and bottom shelf rows.
  • VT-DF-C20: Panel catch for supporting wall panels.

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Note: Both this bracket, VT-DF-A1820, and the end brackets, VT-DF-E1820, include 8 pieces of panel catch hardware (VT-DF-C20) per unit.

A Fully Flexible Layout at Your Convenience

A popular entry in our collection of Integrated Shelving Systems, the VT-DF Wall Mounted Adjustable Shelving System uses a slotted design for a fully flexible shelving layout. The system is modular and is conceptualized to offer floor-to-ceiling shelving flexibility.

The VT-DF-A1820 bracket runs the length of your wall panels, supporting panels up to 71–21/32″ (1820 mm) in width. Using the continuous slots, you can install shelves of any width up to that amount at any point along the bracket—including multiple narrow shelves on the same row. The system supports adjustable glass shelving, wood shelving, and most other shelving materials.

For wider applications, you can install two or more VT-DF Wall Mounted Adjustable Shelving System setups next to each other.

Designed for Convenient Installation & Adjustment

We designed the VT-DF system from the very outset to be convenient to install and uninstall, making it a truly utilitarian shelving solution.

  • We use a snap-in type of panel catch to make installing the wall panels a breeze.
  • The system is level adjustable, meaning you can include as few or as many shelving rows as you like.

Includes Rear Space for Cables & Cords

The VT-DF system leaves clearance behind your wall panels and the true wall. This can be used for discreetly running electrical wiring and other supporting infrastructure.

Can Be Used for Seasonal Decoration & Special Events

While you can install the VT-DF Wall Mounted Adjustable Shelving System and leave it there indefinitely as a permanent flexible shelving system, many users also enjoy installing this system only temporarily and otherwise continuing to use the true wall. Some examples include:

  • Prepare wall panels permanently adorned with seasonal decor that can be quickly and easily set up and taken down seasonally.
  • Transform a space for special events that require temporary shelving.
  • Provide a room with multimodal functionality that can be easily switched over depending on the particular needs of a given user at a given time.

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Wall panels are not included. The VT-DF Wall Mounted Adjustable Shelving System is intended to be usable with the most commonly available wall panels on the market. You can use whatever panels you like in order to match the surrounding design of your space.
  • Adjustable glass shelving, wood shelving, etc. are also not included. It is compatible with the most commonly available shelving, and, as with the panels, you can choose shelves that best fit the aesthetic of your space.

Wall Panel Sizes Supported

  • Wall Panel Width: Maximum of 71–21/32″ (1820 mm)
  • Wall Panel Minimum Height: 4–1/8″ (105 mm)
  • Wall Panel Maximum Height: 17–23/32″ (450 mm)
  • Wall Panel Thickness: Maximum of 25/32″ (20 mm)

Matching Shelving Brackets Available

We offer four models of matching shelving brackets to mount your shelves into the VT-DF Wall Mounted Adjustable Shelving System, supporting adjustable glass shelving and adjustable wood shelving:

Wood Shelves

Glass Shelves

VT-DS-X-450 VT-DS-G-450
VT-DS-X-800 VT-DS-G-685

Build a Better Space with Sugatsune America

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For any questions about the VT-DF Wall Mounted Adjustable Shelving System, or the corresponding adjustable glass shelving or wood shelving brackets, contact us, and we will be happy to assist you. You may also enjoy having a look at our Shelf & Support Hardware Catalog to explore more of Sugatsune’s offerings in this space.

Dimensions 1820 × 39.1 × 105 mm
RoHS Status

Not Compliant

Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
1,820 mm 39.1 mm 105 mm


Component Material Finish

Certain CAD files are not available for download from our website. Please email us at support@sugatsune.com with the product name and desired file format and we can email it to you.