A Luxurious Black Glass Door Lock for Showcase Displays

Brandish quality, durability, and stylish theft deterrence with the LAMP® Glass Door Cam Lock by Sugatsune. Your glass showcase displays have never looked better than with this sleek matte black glass door lock for glass door security and access.

This glass cabinet door lock is part of our GS-GL50 Series of cylinder locks designed for use with the LAMP® GS-GH50 Hinge Series.

This particular version, GS-GL50-BL-KD, features a classy black matte finish that presents a pleasant, minimalist profile, and is keyed differently for extra security on access to multiple showcases. It also has a keyhole cover panel, presenting an even cleaner look.

Convenient Installation & Operation

The GS-GL50-BL-KD showcase cabinets offer many convenience-minded design features for both installation and daily use:


  • The only drilling required for the display cabinet is a round hole in the glass panel, which makes the installation process of this glass cabinet door lock quick and easy for most construction crews.


  • The keys for the GS-GL50-BL-KD are dimple-type and reversible—easy to handle and use.
  • The faceplate is designed for use as a handle to open the door.

Multiple Security Features & Keying Options

The GS-GL50-BL-KD black glass door lock features a security-oriented design with a number of effective features to protect the valuable goods within the showcase.

Tough, Sturdy Design

The cylinder lock design of this glass cabinet door lock is robust and difficult to break or pick.

The thick, stainless steel deadbolt ensures that breaking the lock will not be a viable means to steal the contents of the case.

Obviously, a glass case is susceptible to simply being broken, but a good door lock for glass door showcases will still deter many crimes of opportunity and make theft more difficult.

Construction Keying Design for Convenient Security

The special type of GS-GL50  black glass door locks feature added security and convenience known as the Construction Key System.  This allows for the installer or builder to have access to the cabinet during the construction or build phase.  Then when completed the key number can be changed up to two times, without having to replace the lock cylinder. The previous keys cannot be used again after changing the key number, eliminating any worries for the store or home owner.  Great also for situations where a new tenant moves in; no more worries about any unaccounted keys.

  • We also offer a version of the GS-GL50 Series glass cabinet door lock without this construction keying aspect, in which case you will be able to get up to 3,000 changes per master key.

Keyed Different for Restricted Access & Less Rekeying

The GS-GL50-BL-KD door lock for glass door showcases is keyed differently, meaning that each lock requires a corresponding key. This lets managers and owners more precisely control who has access to which showcases, and reduces the time and monetary impacts of a single lost key, as only one lock will need to be rekeyed.

We also manufacture a twin version that is keyed alike (GS-GL50-BL), which will allow multiple showcase door locks to be opened with a single key. A keyed alike black glass door lock system is well-suited to situations where the manager or owner would want one individual to have access to multiple showcase cabinets without the hassle of carrying around lots of keys. A keyed alike glass cabinet door lock can also be a more economical option, assuming other security measures are in place such that thieves cannot reach the showcases in the first place.

Explore Additional Finishes

Besides the GS-GL50-BL-KD matte black glass door lock for glass door security, we also carry GS-GL50 locks in two other finishes, 24k gold plating, and chrome:

Get Matching Showcase Hinges

As mentioned, the GS-GL50-BL-KD glass cabinet door lock is designed for use with a matching glass showcase door hinge (GS-GH50-BL).

Together, these two components will handsomely complement just about any retail glass showcase display fixture or store aesthetic. Our black glass door lock and hinge finishes are very unobtrusive and fit with most color schemes.

  • Want a different finish? The corresponding gold-plated and chrome hinges are also available.

Have questions? Need assistance? Contact us, and we will be happy to help you with finding the right hinge hardware or anything else you need for your project.

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 48 × 45 × 161.4 mm
RoHS Status

Not Compliant


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