• Hinge for inset glass door for glass showcase
• Can be used together with glass bracket GS-GB5 (below) and lock GS-GL5
• Temporary holding feature allows for easy installation of the door by one person
• Sideways adjustment (±2.5 mm) possible after installation of the door
• Finishes: Chrome, Gold Plated
• Sold in pairs


Embellish Your Showcase Glass Display

From our GS Series of glass showcase hardware, add allure and a refined look to your showcase glass display door with this 24k gold-plated GS-GH5-GP Glass Showcase Door Hinge by Sugatsune America.

This display case hinge features a durable zinc alloy body and backplate, with a stylish stainless steel axis and front plate, and a long-lasting chloroprene rubber gasket. The hinge is designed for glass showcases with an inset glass door and is meant to be used (and is sold) in pairs.

A chrome version, GS-GH5-CR, is also available.

Show Off Premium Items in Style

A successful showcase sells the customer on the premium item within by making it as attractive and desirable as possible. You can amplify this supporting effect by making every part of your showcase display work together in harmony to create the ultimate display setting.

The GS-GH5-GP showcase glass display hinge features luxurious 24-karat gold plating, which combines very well with fine glass to create a visually stunning presentation, while the hinge’s smooth performance and durability add a textural layer of quality.

Achieve even greater harmony by using the GS-GH5-GP hinge together with our matching gold-plated showcase door brackets (GS-GB5) and door locks (GS-GL5):

Door Bracket, Left-Handed GS-GB5-L-GP
Door Bracket, Right-Handed GS-GB5-R-GP

Door Lock, Keyed Alike

(One key can work on multiple locks)


Door Lock, Keyed Differently

(Each lock requires its own key)


Supports a Wide Range of Display Case Doors

This GS Series display case hinge can be used on the following ranges of showcase glass display doors:

  • Width: Up to 17-¾” (450 mm)
  • Height: Up to 23-⅝” (600 mm)
  • Weight: Up to 11 lbs. (5 kg)
  • Glass Thickness: Minimum ¼” (6 mm)

Easy to Install & Adjust

To make installation as convenient as possible, our design of the GS-GH5-GP showcase glass display hinge includes a temporary holding feature that holds the hinge in place during the installation process. This allows the hinge to be installed by just one person.

Final positioning adjustments are also easy, as the hinge allows for sideways adjustments of ±2.5 mm at any time after installation. This can also be helpful down the road if the door ever settles or sags and the display case hinge needs to be realigned.

Find Hardware Adds Value to Your Project by Elevating Spaces

The GS Series showcase glass display hinges are one of our more popular glass door pivot hinge products due to their high performance and handsomeness. They are just one entry in the long Sugatsune America tradition of delivering excellent value to our customers by meeting their project needs at a high level of quality.

All around the country, architects, designers, project managers, contractors, and other professionals turn to Sugatsune each year to draw upon our catalog of over 6,000 high-end hardware components. Our products are easy to install, last a long time, and are satisfying and accessible to use. We are also proud to be AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Whether it’s a simple glass display case hinge or an entire cabinet door system, we hope you’ll choose Sugatsune.

For help finding the right showcase glass display hinges or any other parts for your project, consult our extensive product catalogs, or for direct answers contact our friendly support team. We look forward to assisting you in making your project the best it can be.

Weight 279 g
Dimensions 16.5 × 48 × 46 mm
RoHS Status

RoHS 2

Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
48 mm 16.5 mm 33 mm


Component Material Finish
Body Zinc Alloy 24K Gold Plating
Back Plate Zinc Alloy 24K Gold Plating
Washer Chloroprene Rubber Black
Axis Stainless Steel Plain
Plastic Washer Polyamide Black
Metal Plate Stainless Steel Plain
Insert Zinc Alloy

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