GS-GL5 Cam Lock: Display Cabinet Luxury Security

Brandish style, durability, and theft deterrence with the Million Lock Series GS-GL5 glass cabinet door lock. Display cabinet security has never looked better!

With up to 1 million key changes and 2,520 master key changes, our GS-GL5 cam locks are dependable, versatile, and can aesthetically pair with our GS-GH5 glass showcase hinges. Best of all, the key doubles as a handle when turned to the unlocked position. These are some of the best display case locks glass door showcases could ask for!

The lock version on this page (Product No. GS-GL5-CR-KD, formerly listed as Product No. GS-GL5-GP-B) features a brilliant chrome finish that looks clean, crisp, and gorgeous under display lights. It perfectly complements glass showcases for a fully realized yet minimalistic luxury look.

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Keyed Different for Security & Less Rekeying

This version of the chrome lock display cabinet hardware (GS-GL5-CR-KD) is keyed differently, which means that each lock is going to require its own separate key. In addition to offering an extra layer of security, having your locks keyed differently reduces the time and expense of rekeying when a particular key is lost or stolen. It can also be more versatile, allowing different levels of cabinet access by employees or others.

We also produce a twin version that is keyed alike (GS-GL5-CR-KA, formerly listed as GS-GL5-CR-D), which allows multiple showcase door locks to be opened with the same key. A keyed alike system is well-suited to settings that involve multiple cabinets where it would be a hassle to carry around lots of different keys. It can also be more economical if additional security measures or deterrents are in place along with the showcase door locks.

Besides the chrome-plated versions of our chrome lock display cabinet hardware, we also offer GS-GL5 cam locks in a black or a gold finish, to provide a more subdued or a more elegant look, respectively:

Get Matching Sugatsune Glass Showcase Hardware

Harmonize your showcases by getting matching, beautiful chrome lock display cabinet hardware! To go along with your Million Lock Series GS-GL5 cam locks, check out these matching glass showcase hinges (GS-GH5) and brackets (GS-GB5):

If you have any questions about our GS-GL5 high-security display case locks, glass door hardware, or any other hardware needs for your development or remodel project, contact Sugatsune support today for fast, friendly, and professional assistance.

Weight 159 g
Dimensions 42.5 × 48 × 43 mm
RoHS Status

Not Compliant

Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
42.5 mm 48 mm 43 mm 159g


Component Material Finish
Body Brass Chrome
Front Plate Zinc Alloy Chrome
Back Plate Zinc Alloy Chrome
Lock Plate 304 Stainless Steel Mirror
Rubber Washer Chloroprene Rubber Black
Hex Nut Steel Silver
Washer Steel Silver
Cover Chloroprene Rubber Black
Ring Chloroprene Rubber Black
Strike Steel Chrome
Key Brass Nickel

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