XL-SA01 Series Stainless Steel Angle Bracket

Support your shelving securely and in style with these sleek and popular steel angle brackets by Sugatsune America. From our angle bracket department, the XL-SA01 Series of angle support bracket hardware offers a reliable, aesthetic mounting solution for a wide variety of applications.

This particular model is XL-SA01-120/M, the smallest version in the series, with the mirror finish variant. You can also get this same-size bracket in a satin finish. Larger brackets are available too: the XL-SA01-150,XL-SA01-180, and XL-SA01-240, each available in mirror and satin finish variants.

A Strong, Sturdy, Aesthetic Bracket

Like all of our hardware, our top goal at Sugatsune America is performance. We create durable, elegant hardware that is reliable, sturdy, and a pleasure to use. The XL-SA01-120/M bracket offers a number of advantages over other brackets:

  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel: Angle bracket design has a brushed stainless steel finish providing an elegant and sleek design while protecting it against corrosion in harsh environments.
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use: The corrosion resistance of Grade 304 stainless steel will stand up to sun, wind, rain, or snow. (We don’t recommend this bracket for exterior use on marine vessels where high salt exposure is likely.)
  • Soft and Sleek Design: The stainless steel material and smooth mirror finish give a clean, minimalistic look that blends into and complements virtually any decor. This angle support bracket will look right at home in everything from commercial kitchens, warehouses, and health clinics to bars, restaurants, and upscale hotels.

Bracket Specifications

The XL-SA01-120/M bracket has the following specs:

  • Support loads of up to 50 pounds (23 kg) per bracket.
  • Angle bracket weight is 11 oz. (312 g).
  • Height and depth each measure 4–23/62″ (120 mm).
  • Width is 63/64” (25 mm).
  • Metal thickness is 5/16” (8 mm).

This bracket is sold in boxes of 8 pieces or cartons of 40 pieces.

Bracket Your Project in Success with Sugatsune America

The XL-SA01-120/M stainless steel angle bracket is just one offering out of hundreds from our brackets and shelf supports. We have many other solutions to meet your project’s needs.

For 40 years, Sugatsune America has supplied project managers, architects, developers, contractors, and others with high-performance hardware components that add value to any project and deliver a great experience for the end user. Our inventory includes over 6,000 products, with more added each year in response to your needs, and we are proud to be AS9120 B and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Check out our product literature or try our hardware selection tool to see what else is possible for us to help you with your project’s needs.

Contact us if you have any questions about our XL-SA01 Series angle support bracket or any other Sugatsune hardware.

Weight 312 g
Dimensions 120 × 25 × 120 mm
RoHS Status

RoHS 3

Overall Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
120 mm 25 mm 120 mm 312 g


Component Material Finish

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