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Product Highlight

Let’s Talk Stainless

Since 1930 when Sugatsune was founded in Japan, we have been known to have high-grade stainless-steel hardware. Throughout the years with the expansion of our company, we have brought together thousands of new products. Not to steer away from stainless steel but to develop solutions for more applications. Our stain- less-steel lineup of products is still the most timeless group of products that add function and quality to your design, and today, can be a perfect addition to upcoming trends.

Since the start of COVID we have noticed what trends are changing in the world, so we have focused on where to put our products in new applications. Since the med- ical industry has expanded, we have seen more aid stations in RV’s or mobile carts. Unfortunately for a while we had to miss out on one of our favorite things, sports, but now that sports are slowly making their return, we want to get ahead of what products can be beneficial for sports arenas. Some new stainless-steel products we have for these applications would be our new BCTS-85J. This tension catch is adjustable providing the flexibility to securely hold doors closed and will withstand the outdoor elements. From food storage equipment to fanfare kiosks, the BCTS-85J will accommodate for small misalignments between the ball and the catch.

How technologically advanced can a simple piano hinge be? Built with Sugatsune’s Motion Design Tech®, our HG- TLS230-50-300 piano hinge is designed to provide torque that will hold a flap, door or countertop in any position. Think about the safety and convenience this can provide for people. It is also grease-less so it is suitable for applications that are exposed to water or moisture. Another exciting product that we have on the market would be our HG-TS single axis torque hinges. Because it is more important than ever to wash and sanitize all surfaces, these stainless-steel hinges are the solution for multiple uses. Due to their wide torque range you can use them for computer monitors that need to be controlled or even face shields. A simple yet affective solution for medical carts or RV’s at a ball game. Click Here to check out some of the hinges in this one-minute video to see the highlights of this innovative product.

HG-TS Single Axis torque Hinge

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