Butt Hinges

Cabinet Butt Hinges

Cabinet butt hinges consist of two metal leaves centered on a pin and barrel. They can be mounted on abutting surfaces: a door frame or cabinet wall, and the cabinet door itself. Butt hinges may be mortised or recessed to be flush in both surfaces.

Sugatsune creates Cabinet and Furniture Hinges which can be used throughout a wide range of applications from home storage solutions to commercial settings and industrial spaces.

Please contact our technical experts for product inquiries, to find a distributor who features our butt hinges, or to learn more about any of our architectural and industrial products.

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Products 1–12 of 81

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Cabinet Butt Hinges by Sugatsune

Sugatsune creates hinges in a range of materials, finishes, and sizes suitable for many types of custom cabinetry projects and storage solutions. Explore hinges in corrosion-resistant stainless steel as well as brass. Depending on your specific project requirements, Sugatsune also creates weld-on butt hinges.

Innovative Approach to Engineering and Design

Sugatsune is a global leader in precision-engineered design solutions for residential interiors, commercial spaces, and industrial facilities. From our innovative soft-close hinges and door systems to a wide range of furniture hardware, Sugatsune products are renowned for their efficiency, ease of use, and durability.

Sugatsune America AS9120 B and ISO9001; 2015 certified, featuring over 6,000 individual products available through a network of nationwide wholesalers and online retailers.

To learn more about any of our cabinet butt hinges, consult our digital resources, which contain extensive product literature and CAD files.