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Success Story – Café Cubana

Wobbly tables on tile flooring or cobblestone streets have vexed many restaurateurs and café owners, including Mr. Oppenheim, the owner of the vibrant Café Cubana in London’s South Bank. The café is floored with rustic quarry tiles – which are attractive, durable, and low-maintenance – but have one well-known shortcoming. Because of the natural variation in how the tiles are made and laid, they are prone to giving a subtly uneven surface.

A quick fix that was considered was to attach rubber feet to the table legs. However, in a cafe where several hundred gallons of rum are consumed every month with a constantly moving clientele, it would not solve the problem.

Instead, Mr. Oppenheim opted to use Sugatsune’s SAJ30 leveling glides on the feet of the café tables. Inconspicuous to the eye, the SAJ30 is a hard plastic cup holding a gel capsule upon which a piston rests. The piston is attached to a threaded bolt that is screwed into the base of the table leg. The weight of the table is transmitted down through the gel which has sufficient give to distribute the weight of the table evenly among all the feet, so they remain in contact with the floor, thus preventing wobbling. Up to approximately ¼” (6 mm) of floor surface variation can be accommodated. A simple solution that works surprisingly well, as was demonstrated by the restaurant manager as he put his full weight on a table and tried to wiggle it – resulting in no movement. Since then the cafe has retrofitted its tables with the SAJ30 leveling glides.

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