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Benefits of Acoustic Office Panels in Open Designs

Decorative Fastmount acoustic office panels in a lounge with a black couch and coffee table

Noise pollution in the workplace is no joke. It can make conversations harder to hear, cause headaches or fatigue, and reduce concentration. This all adds up to a loss of productivity and efficiency. By using acoustic panels for office space residual noise reduction, you can make your workplace a better place to work.

However, installing acoustic panels directly onto the walls may not be the best way to go. Depending on your needs and priorities, it might make more sense to use a panel mounting system, like the Fastmount® panel mounting systems we offer here at Sugatsune America. By mounting your acoustic office panels on a modular clip-on mounting system like Fastmount, you’re going to enjoy several benefits, especially if your office layout features an open design.

Increase the Utility of Modular & Multipurpose Spaces

Offices with an open design have the potential benefit of being highly flexible spaces that you can adjust and rearrange as needed. In fact, you can go even farther than simply rearranging the furniture and layout: You can change the walls, too—by using a panel mounting system.

If you install a panel mounting system onto the permanent wall, your office space becomes a lot more functional and adaptable:

  • You can preserve easy access to cables and other infrastructure while ordinarily concealing them behind the clip-on acoustic office panels or other panels.
  • You can essentially have as many different wall setups as you like by keeping a different set of panels for each use case.
  • You can conveniently change out the overlaying panels at any time with just a few minutes’ work.

Imagine a set of lavish wood panels for investor meetings, panels mounted with whiteboards for brainstorming sessions, and elaborate holiday displays that you only have to put together once. These are just a few of the possibilities.

Examples of Use Cases for Acoustic Panels

Among your other sets of panels, you can have a set of acoustic office panels that you only use sometimes—say for multimedia recording sessions, noisy phone bank days, or any other use case where you’d like to have acoustic damping to cut down on noise pollution inside a space.

Using removable acoustic panels for office space soundproofing can also be helpful if you have employees who don’t like the sound-damping properties—it can be pretty intense sometimes—and would rather not use the acoustic office panels when they don’t have to.

Which Fastmount Systems Should You Use?

Acoustic panels for office space noise reduction, using the Fastmount clip-on mounting system.

There are several types of Fastmount clip-on mounting solutions:

Standard Profile: This is the default product line for use with wall and ceiling panels. There are Fastmount surface mount, side surface mount, and self-tapping clip options available. (Minimum 9/16” support substrate thickness required for the self-tapping options.) We have models available for curved panels and for installation into drywall, concrete, and brick walls.

Low Profile: These can be mounted onto a support substrate at least 3/8” thick.

Very Low Profile: These have no minimum substrate thickness requirement. A fire-resistant model is also available.

Textile & Cushion Panels: Ideally suited for cushion-type acoustic office panels and other cushion- and textile-based panels.

Metal: Metal clips withstand high temperatures, allow for panel plexing and provide acoustic and vibration damping.

If you’re considering acoustic panels for office space noise reduction, you can get all the technical details on our various model options in our Fastmount Product Catalog:

Futureproof for When You Eventually Move Out

Another major benefit of using the Fastmount clip-on panel mounting system for your acoustic office panels is that it significantly cuts down on hassle and expense in future moves.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to move locations from time to time. Sometimes lease renewals don’t work out or aren’t possible. Sometimes a business finds that its current location has become too small or too large. Sometimes moving makes the most sense to be closer to customers.

Whatever the reason, if you have a good opportunity today to make moving in the future as streamlined as possible, you should take it.

Save Money, Save Labor, Save Time

To that end, it makes a lot of sense to install your acoustic office panels on mounting systems.

This is because acoustic panels for office space are expensive to buy and time-consuming both to install in the first place and to uninstall when the move comes—plus reinstalling them at your new location. Uninstalling them can also damage the walls, which can potentially cost you more money.

Saving money during a move is a big deal. Moving offices can take months and involves significant expenses in the form of:

  • Moving and insurance costs
  • Reduced worker productivity
  • Move-out repairs
  • Move-in renovations
  • Opportunity costs of business downtime
  • Potential customer loss due to the move

By installing your acoustic office panels on a mounting system, you can simply take down the panels at will. Then you need only disassemble the mounting frames and reassemble them at the new location. Fastmount systems are designed to be quick and easy both to set up and take down—much easier than dealing with hundreds of panels individually.

Don’t forget: If you use a system like Fastmount on your acoustic panels for office space mounting, you’re not just future-proofing against your next move. You’re future-proofing indefinitely. Two moves, five moves! These panel mounting systems are well-built and, if cared for properly, will last decades.

Make Your Office Better with Sugatsune America

Contact us if you want to learn more about these Fastmount clip-on mounting systems for your acoustic office panels or if you have any other questions.

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