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A Guide to Our NSF-Certified Products for Use with Food

Two chefs work with NSF-certified equipment in a commercial kitchen to prepare food for customers

At Sugatsune America, we manufacture a line-up of NSF hardware components for engineers to create NSF-certified equipment for the food service industry. All NSF-certified component hardware meets rigorous standards for promoting food safety. And, because it’s Sugatsune hardware, it also meets our own high standards for performance, durability, efficiency, safety, and (in user-facing hardware) aesthetic appeal.

All of the hardware we’ll be discussing here today, along with much more, can be found in our free online NSF Food Industry Catalog:

Premium Hardware for Commercial Food Service & Food Processing Equipment

The cover of Sugatsune’s NSF food industry catalog, detailing all of Sugatsune’s NSF-certified products

Our NSF-certified products serve businesses in multiple food industries, including:

Front of the house Environments:

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Buffet and Self Serve Lines
  • Visible Preparation Areas
  • Made to Order Areas
  • Point-of-Purchase Areas

Back of the house environments

  • Bakeries
  • Cold and Warm Service/Storage
  • Ghost Kitchens
  • Food / Catering Vehicles (Food Trucks)
  • Food Transportation

Retail Environments

  • Convenience Stores
  • Super Markets: Bulk Bins
  • Pastry Cases
  • Beverage Dispensers
  • Cold/Warm Deli Cases
  • Storage Areas

Food Manufacturing

  • Preparation/Production Lines
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Food Packaging
  • Equipment Storage
  • Conveyor Belts

Our NSF-certified products include a range of individual hardware components from handles and hooks to lid-stays, latches and hinges. All designed to help product engineers, restaurant owners, architects and designers create the perfect aesthetic while meeting strict NSF safety requirements and standards.

Let’s take a look at some NSF-certified equipment to help give you inspiration so you can find the best hardware for your project. If you have questions after reading this, please contact us to learn more!

Quick Overview: What Is the NSF?

The NSF, formerly the National Sanitation Foundation, is a trusted authority around the country and the world for the development of public health and hygiene standards concerning food production and service. NSF certification in food prep equipment signifies that a given hardware component or other object, when used properly, is likely to promote the safe and hygiene production, preparation, and service of food—by discouraging contamination. You can learn more about the NSF certification mark on the NSF website.

MC-MSH Series Sealed Magnetic Catches

The MC-MSH50BU silicon rubber magnet catch by Sugatsune dampens door closing noise

Use a quiet magnetic door catch with the MC-MSH Series. These catches, from our magnetic catches collection, are sealed with silicon rubber to dampen the noise that a cabinet door or panel makes when it contacts the catch. Two versions of this catch are available, both of which are NSF-certified products: the MC-MSH45BU, which provides 4.4 pounds of magnetic force, and the very slightly larger MC-MSH50BU, which provides 8.8 pounds of magnetic force.

We recommend using these catches with an M4 truss screw (not included). Optional counterplates from our magnetic catch and latch counterplates are available sold separately: the stainless steel MC-JM49 and AS-68 and the plastic MC-JMP45.

BCTS Stainless Steel Tension Catch (BCTS-85J)

The BCTS-85J stainless steel tension catch by Sugatsune is adjustable for tension and alignment, and resists corrosion

Discover a stainless steel tension catch with an emphasis on adjustability. From our roller, ball, and tension catches, this NSF-certified product has an adjustable tension force so that you can choose the desired strength of hold. It is also adjustable for alignment in the event of door sagging. Adjustments are as simple as using a hex key on the alignment screw.

This NSF-certified equipment is a multi-directional catch, from the side or front, and features features a sliding two-piece strike to overcome instances of misalignment. It also features Grade 316 stainless steel for optimum corrosion resistance against moisture and chlorides, and is very forgiving to install, align, and use.

Stainless Steel Butt Hinge (4040/SS)

The corrosion resistant 4040/SS stainless steel butt hinge by Sugatsune supports loads up to 88 pounds per hinge pair

Choose a strong, precision engineered hinge that will last and last. From our collection of door butt hinges, this NSF-certified product is made of corrosion resistant Grade 304 stainless steel. Measuring 4” by 4”, the 4040/SS supports door loads of up to 88 pounds per pair of hinges.

A smaller version of this NSF-certified equipment, the 3535/SS, is also available. It measures 3–½” by 3–½” and supports door loads of up to 55 pounds per hinge pair.

304B Concealed Hinge Series



304B Series stainless steel European style concealed cup hinges by Sugatsune are corrosion resistant, elegant, and durable

Keep cabinet appearances clean by concealing your hinge hardware with smooth-performing concealed hinges. From our European style concealed cup hinges, the 304B Series is made from corrosion resistant Grade 304 stainless steel and engineered for premium performance and long-lasting durability. We offer 6 different models of these hinges, all of which are NSF-certified products:

304B-46/9 (9 mm overlay)
304B-46/14 (14 mm overlay)
304B-46/19 (19 mm overlay)

304B-C46/9 (9 mm overlay)
304B-C46/14 (14 mm overlay)
304B-C46/19 (19 mm overlay)


HG-IT Series Stainless Steel Torque Hinges

HG-IT Stainless Steel Torque Hinge NSF-Certified equipment

Hold monitors, displays, panels, etc. in position securely, and adjustment positions smoothly, with this durable NSF-certified product family from our torque hinges department. Torque is supplied consistently at all hinge positions for maximum range and reliability. Grade 304 stainless steel construction provides excellent corrosion resistance. These hinges are rated for operation between 14F° – 122F°.

Our HG-IT Series hinges come in a variety of model options. There are two main sizes, each with two different torque strengths available, for a total of four different torque options up to 60.8 lbs·in (70 kgf·cm). We also have free-movement versions of each size. Additionally, we also have optional hinge covers available to give the hardware a cleaner look. All HG-IT hinges and hinge covers are NSF-certified products. Here is the full range of HG-IT Series NSF-certified equipment:

Small Hinges
HG-ITS25 (Torque 21.7 lbs·in)
HG-ITS35 (Torque 30.4 lbs·in)
HG-ITSF (Free movement)

Large Hinges
HG-ITM50 (Torque 43.4 lbs·in)
HG-ITM70 (Torque 60.8 lbs·in)
HG-ITMF (Free movement)

Hinge Covers
HG-ITSC (For small hinges)
HG-ITMC (For large hinges)

* All torque values ±20% due to natural variance.

Stainless Steel Recessed Pull (HH-KL160)

The HH-KL160 Stainless Steel

Keep food prep, food manufacturing, and food service areas hygienic and user-friendly with this stainless steel recessed pull by Sugatsune. From our recessed pulls department, this pull is an NSF-certified product, as well as being compliant with the SEMI S8-0600 guideline, and makes a good addition to your NSF-certified equipment standards. Constructed with Grade 304 stainless steel, the HH-KL160 pull is iIdeal for harsh, wet, highly corrosive environments. We also make an optional spacer for sheet metal application, the BSP-8, sold separately.

Stainless Steel Rotating Hook (RF-50)

The RF-50 hook is made of 304 stainless steel and rotates 360 degrees

Make your commercial kitchen work surfaces and hanging storage more useful with this durable swiveling hook. From our rotating and swinging hooks collection, the RF-50 double-sided hook rotates 360º and can bear loads of up to 6.6 pounds (total for both hooks). You can mount it in various directions. The RF-50 is an NSF-certified product made of Grade 304 stainless steel for durability and excellent corrosion resistance.

UJ Series Stainless Steel Swing Hooks

UJ Series stainless steel swinging hooks by Sugatsune rotate 360 degrees and swivel 180 degrees

Get even more functionality and use out of your hooks with the UJ Series. Another solution from our rotating and swinging hooks collection, our UJ Series hooks not only rotate 360º but also swivel 180º. They are great for all types of food environments, including high-vibration areas and mobile applications like food trucks, and the Grade 304 stainless steel construction makes them smooth-performing and highly durable. They are ideal NSF-certified equipment for use in corrosive environments.

We offer two UJ Series models: The UJ-040 supports loads up to 14 pounds, and the larger UJ-050 will bear loads up to 19 pounds. Both of these hook models are NSF-certified products.

SP-1820 Shelf Standard System


The NSF-certified SP-1820 Shelf Standard System allows for convenient modular shelving solutions in your commercial kitchen

Achieve convenient, hygienic, super modular shelving solutions in your commercial kitchen with the SP-1820 Shelf Standard System. From our shelf standards and accessories division, these shelf standards are easy to install and offer fast and convenient height adjustment for changing shelf levels. This streamlined design does not require any screws and could not be simpler to set up. Two finishes are available, our SP-1820 satin finish, and our SP-1820WT white finish, both of which are NSF-certified products.

We also produce a number of optional shelf support and accessory products for the SP-1820 Shelf Standard System, including:

SPB-15R (shelf support, rubber pad)
SPB-20 (shelf support, stainless steel
SPF-20LC (shelf support with leveling cap)

SP-18E/BLK (end cap, black)
SP-18E/WHT (end cap, white)
SPB-200 (bracket)

Sealed Magnetic Catch (MC-JM50)

Sealed magnetic catches (MC-JM50) by Sugatsune

Hold panels in place securely with this NSF-certified equipment. From our magnetic catches and latches offerings, this sealed magnetic catch is hermetically sealed, making it ideal for corrosive environments. It offers 6.6 pounds of magnetic force and no metal-to-metal contact, making it suitable for cleanroom applications. This catch is available in black and white, but only the white version is currently an NSF-certified product.


UDH Series Torque Dampers

A Sugatsune UDH Series torque damper, variant UDH-16AHS

Keep lids and panels from slamming shut. From our torque dampers collection, the UDH Series of barrel torque dampers is a very popular Sugatsune product line. These patented, NSF-certified products produce high torque and wider dampening angles, while the stainless steel construction stabilizes the torque force and keeps it consistent. These dampers are cycle tested at 70,000 soft close / 13,000 forced close for long-term performance and are suitable for corrosive food prep and handling environments. Shown here is the UDH-16AHS torque damper.


US Series Rubber Grip Handles

Grip handles securely with as much ease as possible. From our surface mount handles collection, the US Series of lightweight stainless steel handles features a rubber grip on the back sides of the handles. These NSF-certified products are ideal when there are hand slippage concerns or when extra grip is desired.

TK Series Swing Hook with Torque

A TK Series swing hook with torque by Sugatsune America

These NSF-certified products give your hooks more utility by allowing them to rotate while giving you precision control through the use of torque. From our collection of rotating and swinging hooks, TK Series swing hooks swivel 180 degrees and supply constant torque when rotating. This NSF-certified equipment is well-suited for shock-heavy applications or environments or applications with high levels of vibration. Shown here is the model TK-30F.



EB Series Folding Brackets

The EB-303/EP NSF-certified folding bracket by Sugatsune America

Raise and lower shelves, panels, and lids safely, easily, and conveniently with the EB Series of folding brackets. From our folding brackets department, these NSF-certified products automatically lock into position when the bracket is fully retracted and will support up to 330 pounds. Releasing the lock is as simple as pushing the retract lever. Shown here is the EB-303/EP. Three different sizes are available, as is a parallel line with dampers on the closing action. However, currently, only the non-damped EB-303 models are NSF-certified equipment.



MKPS Series Stainless Steel Leveling Guides

MKPS Series stainless steel leveling guides by Sugatsune

Keep shelving and other objects perfectly level with ease using MKPS Series stainless steel leveling guides. From our leveling guides collection, the clever double structure of the bolt and the base on these guides allows you to adjust their height without lifting the load. These NSF-certified products can swivel up to approximately 10° in order to compensate for uneven floors. The corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel construction is ideal for humid food handling environments or applications with corrosion. Shown here is model MKPS-50N3.


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