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Door Hinges & Accessories

A wide range of door hinges and speciality hinges, including invisible hinges, hidden door hinges, concealed door hinges, and single and adjustable hinges are available. Heavy duty concealed hinges, HES series, comes with 3 way adjustment function allowing vertical, horizontal and depth adjustment after installation. Double action and lift off hinges for residential and industrial applications are available in addition to accessories such as door stoppers, door holders, and door dampers.

Concealed Hinges Concealed Hinges
2 Way Adjustable Pivot Hinges 2 Way Adjustable Pivot Hinges
Lift-Off Hinges Lift-Off Hinges
Butt Hinges Butt Hinges
Spring Hinges Spring Hinges
Glass Hinges Glass Hinges
Door Dampers Door Dampers
Door Stoppers Door Stoppers